Three Types of Christians in Every Church


Family Bible Study Series

Title: Three Types of Christians in Every Church
Text: III John
Teacher: Kenneth Parel
Time & Date:  2018-03-12, 22:00-23:00
 Topic: The book of III John was written to Christians by the apostle John wherein the apostle mentioned three names. These three names will represent three different types of Christians in a church.
  1. Gaius (1-8)
    v. 1 & 2 – We can find that John loved Gaius and John prayed for Gaius.
    v. 3 – John rejoiced greatly in him. (More of being proud of Gaius)
    v. 4 – Gaius walks in truth.
    v. 5 & 6 – Gaius is faithful and consistent.
    v. 7 & 8 – Gaius is hospitable.
  2. Diotrephes (9-10)
    v. 9 – Diotrephes is proud, he demands himself to be in a position and rejects godliness (Diotrephes rejected apostle John and other disciples)
    v. 10 – John rejects him. (He despised Diotrephes’ attitude)
    Diotrephes is PREEMINENT and PROUD
  3. Demetrius (12)
    v. 12 – Nothing but good report. Like Gaius, Demetrius is well-known for his actions.
    Demetrius is PLEASANT and GOODJohn is the overseer of this church (10), the writer of III John (13) and He is coming to this church to speak to them face to face. (14)
  • Imagine John’s excitement to see both Gaius and Demetrius because of the good report he has heard of these two faithful and consistent men of God.
  • Imagine John’s unpleasant feeling of disappointment to see Diotrephes.
  1. III John 11 “Beloved, follow not that which is evil, but that which is good. He that doeth good is of God: but he that doeth evil hath not seen God.”
Truth: We Christians must have a desire to follow that which is good, because we are of God.

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