When Dying


Family Bible Study Series

Title: When Dying
Text: Genesis 50:19-21
Teacher: John Kenneth Parel
Time & Date:  2018-03-26, 22:00-23:00
Topic: How did Joseph live his life?
Short introduction: Joseph’s life (Genesis chapter 37-50)

Joseph’s life is very interesting, bad events that could happen to anyone. But to Joseph, it seems like he experienced it all. But never in the Bible was it ever recorded that he shows any rebellion or bitterness towards these experiences.

Who is this Joseph?

37:3 -> Jacob’s favorite
37:4 -> Hated by his brothers
37:5-11 -> Two dreams (Sheaf and Sun, Moon and Stars)
37:12-27 -> Conspiracy of his brothers
37:28-29 -> Sold to Ishmaelites
37:36 -> Sold to Potiphar

39:4 -> Became an overseer for Potiphar
39:5 -> Temptation of Potiphar’s wife
39:13-19 -> Accused of rape
39:20 -> Arrested and put to jail

40:5-13 -> Dreams (Baker and the Butler)

41:25-36 -> Pharaoh’s dream interpreted
41:37-45 -> Joseph made ruler

In chapter 44
-> Famine
-> Joseph met his brothers
-> Silver cup

In chapter 45
-> Joseph revealed himself

In chapters 46-48
-> Reunited with his family

In chapter 49
-> Prophecy and blessings for his brothers
-> Death of Jacob

In chapter 50
-> Mourning of Joseph
-> Plead to Potiphar to bury Jacob
-> Fear of Joseph’s brothers now that Jacob is dead
-> Death of Joseph

How did Joseph live his life?

  1. He lived humbly. v19
    – Not in position of God to judge.
    – He lived how God would want him to live.
    – Joseph was humble.
    – “Pride goeth before destruction.” (Proverbs 16:18)
    – Remember the Tower of Babylon (The people were too proud)
    – Jesus took the form of a man to suffer for our sins.
  1. He lived in God’s will. v20
    – He knows that God has a plan and he trusted God’s plan.
    – He persevered because he knew that it was God doing the miracle.
    – “All things work together for good.” (Romans 8:28)
    – Remember the life of Paul
    – Jesus’ “Let this cup pass from me, but Thy will be done.”
  1. He lived kindly. v21
    – He never thought of getting even.
    – He assured his brothers of his protection.
    – He never complained.
    – “Be ye kind one to another.” (Ephesians 4:32)
    – Jesus being the great Physician
Truth: Joseph’s testimony can be seen through out Genesis chapters 37 to 50. Interestingly, we can always find in these chapters that God was with him, and he always found favour in the sight of his masters. He was never bitter, the thought of getting even to his brothers never crossed this man’s mind. His testimony is one of a kind testimony that we must adapt while we live in this world. Joseph’s life is about humility, trusting our Heavenly Father and kindness.

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