The Value of Friendship

Family Bible Study Series

Title: The Value of Friendship
Text: 1 Samuel 18:1-3
Teacher: Joshua Parel
Time & Date:  2018-03-27, 22:00-23:00
Topic: What can we see in David and Jonathan’s friendship?
David and Jonathan’s friendship was the best friendship ever other than the friendship the disciples had with our Lord Jesus Christ.

  1. Their friendship started with David’s victory. 17:50-51
    – David’s victory against Goliath was used by God to allow him to be known.
    – Saul asked him of who he was. (v.58)
    – He met Jonathan when Saul took David after he defeated Goliath.
    – Our victories in life can be the caused of starting friendship and be influential.
    – Because of this victory, friendship was started between David and Jonathan.
    – Same in our lives, God uses victory in our life to introduce us to people around us.
  2. They chose to respect and love to build their friendship. 18:1
    – Jonathan loved David because David respected his father.
    – Even after Saul tried to kill David, he still respected Saul because he respects Jonathan
    – It is our choice if we will keep our friendship with someone or abuse it.
    – They consider one another.
  3. They made a covenant and kept it. 18:3
    – They agreed to love each other as their own soul.
    – Jonathan gave his armor to David.
    – Jonathan put his life at risk only to protect David.
  4. The failure of Saul. 18:5-11
    – Saul failed because he let anger and jealousy reign over him.
    – Saul envied David because of how the people looked up to David.
    – Saul tried to kill David twice.
    – Saul hunted David.
    – Saul failed again and again because of Jonathan.
    – Chapter 19 shows Saul’s failure because God was with David.
Truth: In our lives, we have our own battles, bigger challenges and trials that will bring us down, that is why we must give value to godly relationships we have.

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